Slicehost move

Some content is missing from my previous blog posts at the moment as i’ve moved my hosting from Dreamhost to Slicehost. If you’ve used Slicehost then you may appreciate how time consuming it can be to install and build a web server from scratch, but I’m glad I made the move.

Also while moving my web hosting I shifted my email over to google apps, which is a massive pain if you’ve somehow managed to retain over 10 years worth of personal emails. On the plus side I’ve quickly rewritten my home page to use rails, which was surprising painless 🙂

Finally like a complete idiot I didn’t actually back up everything I thought I had so somethings have vanished into the ether, although I’m hoping I have a older (more complete) backup somewhere  🙁

Give me a little time to sort the broken links.


What next?

So I thinking of writing a new website project in Ruby (probably Rails), but I’m stuck on an actual idea. I know what I want to play with:

  • Languages: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript
  • DB: MySQL (as Dreamhost doesn’t have PostGres) 
  • Test frameworks: rSpec, Selenium
  • CI: CruiseControl.rb

At the moment I’m thinking of porting the lovely RoundCube mail project from PHP to Rails, it’s something that uses concepts that i’m fairly familiar with i.e. email protocols and I guess i’ve never been all that happy with any self-hosted web mail client, so I guess it’s time to put up or shut up and build my own. Obviously I want to refresh/update my Ruby and JavaScript skills and it’s associated agile components as well. Also as i’m using rSpec i’ll try and develop the project using BDD, but how i’m going to map business value priorities to a web email client could pose some interesting questions, although mapping behavior in tests might work better with the way I think … I think 😉 It’s not all that exciting, but if anyone has any other suggestions then just add a comment and i’ll consider it?