Slicehost move

Some content is missing from my previous blog posts at the moment as i’ve moved my hosting from Dreamhost to Slicehost. If you’ve used Slicehost then you may appreciate how time consuming it can be to install and build a web server from scratch, but I’m glad I made the move.

Also while moving my web hosting I shifted my email over to google apps, which is a massive pain if you’ve somehow managed to retain over 10 years worth of personal emails. On the plus side I’ve quickly rewritten my home page to use rails, which was surprising painless 🙂

Finally like a complete idiot I didn’t actually back up everything I thought I had so somethings have vanished into the ether, although I’m hoping I have a older (more complete) backup somewhere  🙁

Give me a little time to sort the broken links.



I wiped my computer a few weeks ago and it was only today I noticed that I don’t have Microsoft Office installed. I guess I really don’t need it anymore. Yah!

I think I’m going to stick with the old but useful XML Resume to update terribly out of date my CV!