Just an update from my previous post. I’ve updated my little mashup to be a lot faster than it was and I still have a few optimizations in mind to speed it up even more. Also the site now handles any UK location (well the ones which google maps can geocode into a longitude and latitude) and finally I gave it a humorous name (well I found it funny).

Here’s the link again: UpYourAlley give the site a few seconds to load the markers and the same applies when you click on any marker.

Still there are a few little bugs and niggles that I need to sort out:

  • If more than one venue is at the same location then only one is currently shown.
  • The marker manager code I have isn’t as efficient and smart as I would like especially when scrolling around the map.
  • I would like to be able to filter (on a search) events by category i.e. movies, arts, gigs etc…, but that should be trivial.
  • More user feedback when loading data and handling failure when the users location cannot be geocoded.
  • Plus more, more and then some more…

For those who care about why it’s faster now…. I previously generating the data set completely in PHP on the server-side, but as each api request was made in series to PA the time taken to gather just the venue data took around 15 seconds and when factoring in the events data for each venue this grew to minutes. So when I rewrote the site (waiting for Top Gear at 9pm on sunday night – I thought it started at 8pm!) I set all the requests* to be sent asynchronous from the client using jquery and surprise surprise everything ran faster, although more bandwidth is used and more requests are made in total.

* The requests are still proxied through PHP to PA as I strip out and sort some data as well as hiding the API key that I use.

What’s happening near Balham

I’ve been allowed to play around with a new web service developed by some former colleagues at the Press Association (PA). The service gives you some access to PA’s entertainment listings database (think guardian guide, listings section of the Metro and most other papers etc. it all comes from the same source).

The data is organized into venues (your local arts center), titles (a movie on nationwide release) and events (a title and venue combination at a specific start/end times). Or for the more data minded venues can have zero to many titles, titles can have zero to many venues, events have an unique combination of one title, one venue and a date & time.

Anyway to quickly try out the new service I knocked up a quick mashup of what events are on in my local area each day. Firstly this mashup is massively slow as my host doesn’t have memcached installed for personal use *cough* Dreamhost *cough*. This is also partially due to the structure of the web service as I have to make a lot of requests to generate this mashup, but I’ll keep that feedback confidential for now as the web service isn’t complete nor open to external use yet.

Anyway here’s the link: http://listings.magudia.com (please give it a minute or two to load the data – yes really).

Once I get some time to play with it some more

  • I’ll open up the map to allow users to select their own local area
  • Have some dynamic marker loading on scrolling
  • Allow options to select which days to look for events (apart from today)
  • Filter by event types (only gigs, cinemas, comedy or combinations thereof).
  • Show more venue information
  • Optionally show more information about the event or title
  • Refactor, refactor, refactor…
For those interested the site uses jquery & the jmaps plugin to generate the map and gather data from a simple PHP proxy script which collates the data from PA into a JSON.
I can’t overstate how big a step forward this is for PA and hopefully we’ll see more of this from them in the future.
UPDATE: As always the moment you publish something is exactly the same moment you figure out how to fix the problem your having. I should be able to massively speed up the site, but I’m not going to do that today.

Just another javascript flickr mashup…


Over the last few weeks i’ve moved over all my pictures from my php gallery to flickr, so now I really need to replace my hosted gallery with something better than a link to my flickr account. My solution to this was to create (what I think is) a nice little mashup of flickr hosted based pictures and a javascript visulisation of them. Rather than use one of the many flickr mashup’s out there I decided it was more fun to wrote my own…Simply i’ve taken 36 square thumbnails arranged in a 9×4 grid from flickr and used a combination of prototype, cube (with some modifications), lightbox2 with some javascript glue of my own to bind them together.

What does it do…

Well it’s easier to see it, but every second or two a randomly selected thumbnail in the 9×4 grid will rotate to a new picture from flickr and then this repeats forever. You can also click on any of the thumbnails in the grid to hightlight a picture and eventually i’ll provide a link to where that photo is hosted on flickr, once a figure out a better way to do it than to put the link into the title.

How’s it work…

Well i’m using a php script on my server to get a selection of photo details using phpFlickr; I decided to get 72 photo objects ever time I accessed to script, but on the initial load I display the first 36 onto the page. I used prototype to handle the Ajax request and json parsing, I guess I could I done this without prototype, but I couldn’t be bothered and it would have taken longer and lightbox2 requires it anyway! Then using a javascript image cube animation library I found this will animate a image rotation to a new picture from the remaining 36 pictures. Although I did have to modify the cube library a bit to use absolute positioning and setting some divs to be inline apart from the first thumbnail of the row. Once the page has runout of pictures from the initial server script load a new call is made to that script for another page of 72 picture objects from flickr … and so on … and so on … I also used lightbox2 to load up a larger version of the square thumbnail when you click on the thumbnail.

You didn’t take those pictures…

At the moment I’m just using the interesting pictures from flickr (they look better than mine), but once I fix the odd bug or few I’ll replace my hosted gallery to a nicer version of this mashup using my own pictures. Phew! PS Thanks firebug!