I looked out of the window of my flat last night and saw this:

What is this?

My mate Piotr and I were baffled on what this could be; I was tempted to turn off all my wifi kit just in case it was some sort of semi pro wifi hacker? Other options were some sort of mind control device, a not very discret surveillance car, a mobile pirate radio station or even someone who really really wants to get a good radio reception! It had gone by the time we’d finished playing squash … maybe I should have turned my wifi off!

I joined Facebook

In my last post I asked what the point of Facebook was, so I decided to sign up and I found it surprising easy to use. Firstly it can connect to your Hotmail (or other) address books and check to see if any of your mates are already on, which I thought was pretty neat (although I did accidently invite one person that I shouldn’t of!).

Once you’ve done that I set up a simple profile, I quite like the design they’ve used, much better than some myspace pages i’ve seen as most people create some stunning ugly profiles (i’m never ever going to join myspace).

The whole thing is a bit like linkedin, bits of google calendar, yahoo groups, twitter (you can add your twitter noise to your profile page) and it has some flickr like aspects as well.

On the whole I like it, if you’re a social nutter like me then I reckon you might even find it useful, which is strange for the more recent buzz sites that have been popping up lately.