While stumbling today I found a Microsoft Project named Milan and started to wonder what else was using my name… Obviouslly I know of the City of Milan in Italy, but I also found these other regions, cities & towns (from wikipedia):

In Canada: Milan, Quebec, a village

In Colombia: Milan, Caquet a town and municipality

In the United States of America:

Surprizing in the 2000 US census 27,795 amercians said they lived in Milan!!!

Milan is also:

  • MILAN, a European anti-tank guided missile, which is one way to get through London traffic
  • A.C. Milan and Inter Milan are two football teams of the city of Milan (Italy)
  • Milan, a variant of the Mirage V fighter – I wish I had one of these!
  • Mercury Milan, a ugly american ford car – I don’t want one of these!
  • Milan Entertainment, an internationally operating record company
  • Milan Records, a record label which boasts an extensive electronic catalog which features down-tempo, chillout, and eclectic electronic releases. I approve.
  • Milan (aka The Leather Boy), a New York musician and producer active in the 1960s; With a name like the leather boy it’s no wonder he changed his name
  • Milan (film) -There are 4 movies with my name (all romantic, just like me)
  • Milan (website) – They make network components – yawn! If i’d had a little more money when I was a student that site would have been mine.

Let me know if you find any other interesting uses of my name. At least I’m not alone!