Simple Storage Service for PHP

I’ve started writing a version of Amazon S3 for PHP … Why you ask? Because I think it’s a challenge and to be honest I haven’t got anything else better to do at the moment. I guess it could be used for mocking or testing without billing?

I started a week or so ago, mostly reading the documentation for the service and figuring out in my head how I was going to write it, but i’ve only really started coding in the last few days. So far I’ve created the database structure and pseudo coded some rest and soap classes/functions… hopefully I get it up on my subversion server once it’s in a nearly use-able state for other people to play with.

I do intend this is be a almost full implementation of the service apart from maybe logging, definitly billing (obviously) and depending on my host setting up a wildcard subdomain bucket aliasing i.e. Although someone to use some rewrite rules to fix this as long as thier host supports it!