More on facebook

Sorry for *another* facebook blog, but I just went for a drink with a mate of mine who was convienced that nothing will ever replace facebook. I strongly disagreed and tried to explain to him that facebook is a walled garden and it doesn’t federate information etc. etc… but I lacked the ability to clearly expalin why he was wrong.

My view (which he didn’t accept) was that facebook, like myspace, linkedin all the way back to sites like friendsreunited are just a progression on the way to a better sematic web. His reply was that people are just lazy and now they are on facebook they won’t leave as alot of people on facebook aren’t or haven’t been the sort of people who would have tried that before. My argument was that people are fickle and once a small but influencial proportion of the people on facebook move onto the next big thing (whatever that might be) then alot of other people will join them.

I’m not sure who’s right, but he would accept the £20 bet that I offered to prove him wrong 🙂 Utimately the thing for me that I don’t like about facebook (although I do like alot about it) is that I lose a permanent record of what people have said to me. I have a record of emails going back 10 years (I know this isn’t common and a bit strange), but lately most of my emails have been from facebook rather than the actual communication from people I know. I don’t like this, facebook shouldn’t for me be replacing email … basically the facebook wall is evil. I like seeing friends statuses, but I no longer want to communicate with my friends through it!

What I do like about facebook:

  • A permanent record of friends information
  • RSS feed of my mates statuses
  • Applications like, twitter, picnik (although not the zombie, vampire crap)
  • Photos & Videos (that can be tagged)
  • Facebook events
  • Networks and groups
  • and finally Birthdays 🙂
  • Ultimately this is the beginning of the next stage of social networking and I can’t wait till the next big thing …