I first tried Flock when it came out in it’s initial beta many many moons ago, but with the recent death of Netscape and some fortunate stumbling I downloaded and gave the 1.1 beta release (now final) a go…
Now for those who have never tried Flock as a browser I can best describe it as Firefox inside with a social networking wrapper on the outside. My default layout for Flock (shown below) is to have a left hand ‘People’ frame showing all updates from my Twitter, Facebook and Flickr friends sorted by the most recent updates first and have a media stream of pictures my friends have uploaded to Facebook (although that’s usually hidden to gain browser space).
The one thing which does really annoy me is that some people update their Facebook status using Twitter and obviously this causes duplicates in my people feed (not flocks fault). I can see why they do that, but for me a tweet is different from a status update; it’s just plain lazy and pointless duplication (as Kerry is demonstrating here – sorry Kerry)

You also have a ‘My World’ page which aggregates all of this as well have any Atom/RSS feeds I have into a single page view.
And if that wasn’t enough you can save your bookmarks to del.icio.us, post directly to Twitter and Facebook and even write a blog posting. All of which I think is pretty damn cool.
OK all that’s all great and I do use it as my default browser, but what wrong with this picture …
Personally I think at the moment this is a cool, but ultimately a fringe browser for people who are interested in social networking or earn a living by it; there just aren’t that many people who will find it useful (i.e. most of my friends and family would never need it – yet). Also unless you already have accounts of Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc.. the appeal is very limited and you can’t easily add more services to the browser as the ones which are there are baked in. 
Then again I do have accounts on all those web services and I am interested in social networking, so it might as well be called Milan’s browser. I’m looked forward to future updates. This post was written using Flock

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